CBD Oil 10% MediHemp Bio Organic Raw Full Spectrum

CBD Oil 10% MediHemp Bio Organic Raw Full Spectrum

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CBD oil 10% (RAW) from MediHemp contains cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil as a basis.

Medihemp products are made from EU certified hand-sorted organic
hemp from Austria according to BIO certificate AT-BIO-301.

All products from Medihemp are certified organic.

CBD Oil Raw, from pure raw plant
Natural CBD Oil Raw, extract made with cold supercritical CO2

Everything from the pure raw plant with CBD and CBDA is included (FULL SPECTRUM)

Ingredients: Flavonoids, Terpenes, Phenols, CBG, CBN, CBC and
hemp seed oil.


Components in the RAW CBD oil 10%

  • CBD / CBDA: ~ 10% ± 1000mg (approximately 5 mg per drop)

Due to the lack of a significant amount of THC (max. 0.05%) in this oil, the oil has no psychoactive effect, so you cannot get high or stoned and the oil with 10% CBD is therefore not addictive.

View here the analysis of this CBD oil with the exact composition stated.


Use and dosage CBD oil 10%

The correct dose of cbd 10% is different for everyone, but in our view it is best to start by taking 2 drops under the tongue.

Preferably you start with this (raw) oil during the day.
It is wise to take the oil pure.
You can swallow the drops after approximately 30 seconds.
After this you can safely drink some water or something else.
The dosage can be increased as needed by one drop at a time.
A dose can also be taken during the day.
Preferably after eating.
It is advised not to take more than indicated on the label (10 drops per day). Before use, shake the bottle well but gently and keep the oil dry and in a cool place but not in the refrigerator because storing the oil too cold can cause oil to become thick and viscous.

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