CBD Patches Puro Curo 16mg CBD - 32pcs

CBD Patches Puro Curo 16mg CBD - 32pcs

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Handy CBD Patches!

  • Effective absorption through the skin
  • slow release the CBD dosage for 8-10 hours
  • No problems with the bad taste of CBD Oil
  • Easy to use
  • 16 mg CBD per patch
  • Is absorbed directly into the bloodstream
  • Stick to any piece of skin

Benefits of CBD Patches

The CBD plaster is a new product that offers great benefits.

A complete box of 32 pieces contains a total of 512 mg of CBD, which corresponds to 2 bottles of CBD Oil 5% of 10 ml.

In addition to CBD, the patches also contain the active cannabinoids CBN, CBC, CBCD, CBG, THCV and THC.

The patches contain less than 0.02% THC.

This means that it does not make you stoned or high and you can buy them legally.

Below are the benefits:

Advantage 1: high bioavailability - effectiveness
The term 'bioavailability' refers to the absorption of the substance (CBD) by the body.

Transdermal administration - bioavailability: 90-95% (very high)

First of all the bioavailability of transdermal application (patch) is very high: 90-95%.

This is because the release through the skin directly into the bloodstream, without obstacles.

Oral administration - bioavailability: 20-50% (low)

While many products taken by oral administration (eg CBD oil, capsules, powder, etc.) have a relatively low bioavailability of between 20-50%.

One of the reasons for this low bioavailability is that the CBD must enter the bloodstream via the mouth and when swallowed the First-Pass Effect is created.

A medical term that indicates that the stomach, liver walls break down the CBD.

Advantage 2: slow release (gradual release) - effectiveness
A patch gradually releases the CBD in 8 hours.

Because of this gradual release, the body does not immediately have to work hard to process the CBD.

With CBD oil, for example, you should take a few drops every 2 hours to get this effect, which is not done in practice.

Advantage 3: no taste or swallowing problems - easy
CBD oil has a fairly strong taste and not everyone is a fan of it.

The large CBD capsules are an obstacle for many people (read: the elderly and children) to take.

CBD plasters are easier in daily use.

Advantage 4: the price - cheaper to use
A CBD patch contains 16 mg CBD.

To take such an amount via oil you need to take 32 drops of 2.5% or 16 of 5%.

This is to compensate for the low bioavailability (so 16 drops x 2).

For maximum effectiveness, you should not take the drops in one go, but spread them well throughout the day.

Comparison: CBD oil 5% (10 ml = 240 drops), price: 30.00 per bottle (average)

With a bottle of 5% of € 30 per item, it costs 2 bottles = € 60 per month.

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